Short Blog 1: Something New

2 min readJan 28, 2021

A little bit about me…

I am just a university student that is eager to understand social issues and their solution opportunities in an attempt to create a positive change in the world; in other words, a young adult with big ambitions. I have lived in the beautiful city of Toronto my whole life and every day a new part of it surprises me. I am extremely proud to be where I am which is precisely the reason why the city means a lot to me. I aspire to see it through different lenses and watch as it develops and how it is impacted by various social issues.

I also enjoy writing, it has an interesting power that is often overlooked, however, my personal opinion is not always easy to convey or sometimes I believe it may be better left unsaid. This is something I intend to work on, especially as I attempt to address the issue of inclusivity and stigma breaking, regarding topics like mental health and individuality, within the city. As a young woman living in the city herself, I believe I have a perspective that is often neglected but can be essential when discussing the future. I hope to bring forward some issues while also sharing and exploring hidden gems the city has to offer, bringing to light some positive and beautiful outlooks the city has to offer.

Introducing yourself to the world is not always easy but I look forward to voicing my opinion and writing about things I am passionate about, hopefully impacting others positively in the process. Feel free to tag along for the journey :)