Short Blog 4: The Window

During a recent writing workshop I took part in, run by an inspiring woman Ronna Bloom, she released a prompt to simply look in front of you, fully focus on something you see and write what comes to you. By following her prompt and her five essential writing rules, I was inspired by my window and wrote the following:

It was right in front of me, at my eye line, kind of across the room. It looks like a beautiful day outside, the sky a consistent and bold blue; my favourite. Looks blindingly sunny but that’s a mirage because I know it is freezing outside, about minus ten degrees freezing. My mind must be playing tricks on me seeing it almost appears as summer. I deeply miss the warm weather and everything that accompanies it. The window has become a kind of segway into what I would imagine outside would feel like right now if that was the case. I ache for the fresh warm air so much I feel like I can almost feel the sun on my skin and feel the air fill my chest with one deep breath.



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