Short Blog 5: Yonge & Gould Archive

Yonge looking north from Gould (1979–1981)

Yonge Street has always held significant meaning for me. Its length has the ability to bring me so many places, including the depths of the city and back home, in a single street. It always made me feel grounded and as if I could never get lost because this one street was capable of bringing me anywhere I needed to go. Its different strips and the way it adapts through each town its part of gave Yonge Street a unique feature, it has something for everyone, almost a representation of the diversity the city has to offer.

This image above is a captured moment in time on Yonge Street looking north from Gould. It was taken around 1980 and it caught my eye the most because of its bold colours, vintage signs and classic cars. Its elements hold a variation of significance because anyone that comes across it will notice something different, like each person’s point of view in the photo. Each person in that photo was experiencing something different that day, our lives never stop changing and neither does the city of Toronto.

Citation: Fonds 200, Series 1465, File 614, Item 26. Copyright City of Toronto Archives Records.




a beginners blog

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a beginners blog

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