Short Blog 7: Comment on Feeman Pirzada’s Long Blog 2

Hi Feeman! I absolutely love this blog post of yours, the way you explained the history in an informative fashion while still shining a light on the many injustices was thorough and enjoyable. As a young woman myself, learning about all the past historical events that originated in the city regarding feminism provides a true sense of integrity to educate as well as assist to plot the next steps on creating equality within it. The combination of each event such as the federal Women’s Franchise Act and the SlutWalk, paints a well-developed picture along a timeline for each reader, allowing everyone to focus on an aspect that they find most influential to them. Overall, I really enjoyed reading about the factual history of feminism in Toronto as well as your perspective and I look forward to reading more of your work!




a beginners blog

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a beginners blog

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